TO MENU

        Boudoir is so much more than putting on
        pretty lingerie and taking pictures.

        This is about giving a middle finger to the “perfection” we see on social media. This is about being real and comfortable in your own skin. This is about celebrating how you are uniquely different. This is about letting go of every negative thing you’ve ever believed about your body.

        This is about YOU!!!

        Ms. J*

        I have this tendency to be really hard on myself.  I spend my days training people to be in the best shape of their lives and love themselves through the process yet I can't seem to do the same for myself.  This was the perfect opportunity to take a step back and see myself in a different light. During my session I felt great!! Thank you for showing me photos along the way..it gave me more confidence with each shot!!!

        Ms. B*

        I was most nervous about how I would be posed or look due to my size but what I loved most about the experience is that Stephanie asked me what my favorite body parts were. During my session I felt AMAZING and afterwards I felt like more of a badass than I already am. I loved my experience so much that I booked another session already!

        Ms. K*

        Feeling beautiful after having a baby was a huge struggle for me. Following Stephanie's work and seeing all of these beautiful, confident women of all shapes and sizes rock their boudoir sessions, I decided that for me, my session was going to be about healing and learning to love my body.
        With the positive reinforcement and direction from Stephanie, by the end of the session I felt so comfortable! Thank you so much for everything, Stephanie!!!

        Ms. A*

        Taking these pictures was like a breakthrough for me - a new beginning. This is me now! When I saw the first picture I was shocked that it WAS me! Holy crap! Bombshell! I truly felt amazing & Steph is amazing at what she does, seriously!! I felt so comfortable and relaxed and loved every minute of it! Truly a feeling of excitement!