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        When I got my pictures back I cried again because I could not believe that person was me. Picking pictures was so easy, and even though she doesn’t pressure you into getting the wall art, DO IT!  Everyday I walk past my picture I stop look at it while in my mom gear - no makeup, messy bun - and I am amazed everyday! It helps me everyday, no joke. Stephanie is absolutely amazing at what she does - you will be changed for the better when you walk out!

        -Ms. J*

        Ms. B*

        When I was reviewing my photos I was holding back tears. I turned to Stephanie and began to ugly cry. Its so hard to look at yourself and not judge or pick yourself apart. I do this on a weekly basis. I’m not thin, I have rolls where I don’t want them and I know I want to make improvements with my body. Of course there were some photos I didn’t feel I looked good in but the ugly cry was a direct result from disbelief that I had so many more photos that I was obsessed with and was stunned with the fact that those amazing photos were pictures of me.

        Ms. K*

        I felt liberated, (who is that? Is that me? That girl who looks confident with hardly any clothes on is me?) I saw myself in a light that I had accomplished something that had originally made me feel super nervous. I was proud of myself for just looking and being myself. In today’s world someone always wants you to be something other or more than yourself. Stephanie brings out you at your most vulnerable but also at your most beautiful. I literally can’t wait until I can do this again!

        Ms. A*

        I knew from the first set of photos that I would be going back to Steph for more and more sessions. She is one of the most amazing people I could hope to meet, and she is so compassionate and understanding of any concerns you may have. What a coach! What a woman! If anyone is on the fence about booking a session, stop. Book it now!


        Stunning Transformations

        Unleash your Inner Goddess!

        Boudoir Gallery

        The Process

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        This is a Limited Time Offer!

        We want to give you all the opportunity to book your dream shoot…

        P.S. We only have 15 spots available at this low price!  Claim yours now!

        The Studio

        Natural Light

        My favorite part about the studio is the natural sunlight! I shoot boudoir sessions during the brightest part of the day when there’s gorgeous, vivid lighting. It will make your skin glow, your eye color pop, and your hair shine without an ounce of editing.

        Finishing Touches

        I handpick every item for the space. The high-end furniture, 7-foot mirror, plush bed coverings, throw pillows, and my clawfoot tub (named Clawdia!) … it all makes the studio feel intimate and cozy. And because I’m constantly changing the furnishings and layout, we’ll have plenty of background options to play with so your session is just as unique as you are!

        Client Wardrobe

        Simple is sexy. You don’t have to look like someone you aren’t to feel beautiful and sensual. A cute set of matching undies and bra or an elegant bodysuit can go a long way. I offer a variety of lingerie pieces in sizes XS-3X complimentary with EVERY session! I want to take the worry out of shopping... because I know how difficult and stressful shopping for lingerie can be.

        Boudoir portrait of blonde woman kneeling on bed holding chest.


        I’m nervous about how I look, will you help me with posing?

        I’VE GOT YOU COVERED! I don’t want you to worry about a thing– I will will be there to guide and cheer you on throughout your entire session. Trust me, you will do absolutely AMAZING!!!!

        Are Hair and Makeup Included?

        This is an additional fee – I give referrals to hair stylists and a makeup artist I trust once you book your session.
        Ultimately it’s up to you to decide who to hire.

        Where should I look for Lingerie and other Wardrobe Pieces? Do you Provide this?

        I do have a small selection of lingerie sets in the studio for you to use!  But if you want to purchase your own wardrobe, once your session is booked, I will send you information on where to look for beautiful outfits! 

        Will you Share My Images?

        You have the option to let me use your images for my brand, but you are absolutely entitled to your privacy! You can opt out of sharing within our contract! 

        Do you Shoot Nudes or Topless Photos?

        Absolutely! Your boudoir session is all about you and making sure we capture images you’ll absolutely LOVE!  These are some of my clients’ favorites.

        Terms and Conditions

        If you purchase a $99 session and end up winning the grand prize we will provide a refund! $99 covers the session only. It does not include any hair & makeup, prints, or products. $1500 minimum order required for albums, prints, and wall art. Stephanie Marie Boudoir will contact you as soon as possible after purchase.

        If you choose not to proceed after the phone consultation, your retainer fee will be refunded. If you are thinking about booking a session, the retainer fee will not be this low again. There are a limited number of these sessions available and when they are sold out, they will be done. Sessions must be held by 04/01/22.