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        Why The Body Love Experience?

        Because you deserve to have photos that make you feel like you can conquer the world, and I want to be the photographer that helps you get them!

        Here at Stephanie Marie Boudoir believe that all women should be able to feel confident in their own skin but many women struggle with that.

        Trust me…I know what it’s like. But many women only look at what they see in the mirror and don’t take a chance to see themselves in a new light through someone else’s eyes. That’s why I created the Body Love Experience as an opportunity for women to shed a new light on how they look at themselves and be the beacons of confidence and empowerment they were meant to be!

        Perfectionism is bullshit, you are beautiful and you should be proud! So let’s show other women out there that there’s more to beauty than what they see in the mirror!

        A message from Miss C.

        “I never thought in a million years that I would sign up for a boudoir shoot. Stephanie did a phenomenal job from start to finish with creating a comfortable and fun experience. She made me feel at ease during the entire shoot...

        She coached me on poses through the session and we had a good laugh from time to time. After the session was over, I immediately wanted to sign up again because it was such an amazing experience. Stephanie is definitely the person to go to if you are considering a boudoir shoot. You will not regret it!”


        Here are a few of my most FAQ’s to help you better understand the boudoir experience at Stephanie Marie Boudoir

        I’m nervous about how I look, will you help me with posing?
        I GOT YOU COVERED! I don’t want you to worry about a thing– I will be there to guide and cheer you on throughout your entire session. Trust me, you will do absolutely AMAZING!!!!

        Are Hair and Makeup Included?
        For the “Body Love” Experience, the two selected participants will get a complimentary Hair and Make-up Makeover!

        Where should I look for Lingerie and other Wardrobe Pieces? Do you provide this?
        I do have a small selection of lingerie sets in the studio for you to use!  But if you want to purchase your own wardrobe, once your session is booked, I will send you information on where to look for beautiful outfits!

        Will you Share My Images?
        You have the option to let me use your images for my brand, but you are absolutely entitled to your privacy! You can opt-out sharing within our contract!

        Do you Shoot Nudes or Topless Photos?
        Absolutely! Your boudoir session is all about you and making sure we capture images you’ll absolutely LOVE!  These are some of my clients’ favorites.

        Terms & Conditions

        The 'Body Love' experience is for clients who are ready to do a boudoir experience and would like to inspire other woman with their unique stories & experiences. This is NOT a free session or giveaway. If selected, you will be required to pay our original session fee of $300 to participate in the body love experience and in return, if selected, you will receive a $300 print credit towards your album as a thank you for sharing your story and images.

        This unique experience covers professional hair and makeup and session as well as a $300 print credit with your product purchase. You must purchase a product in order to use the print credit. This print credit can be applied to your $1,500 minimum order which is required for albums, prints, digitals and wall art purchases.

        Stephanie Marie Boudoir will contact you as soon as possible if you are selected. There are a limited number of these sessions available. Sessions must be held by 9/30/2021.