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        I was on my way to the Bare Boudoir Retreat and saw this amazing old school auto shop on the road and I immediately knew I had to shoot there.  Then a few hours later I met Andraea.  You know those times when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them forever and you want to give them a huge hug?  That was me when I met her.  We went out at 6am and got some amazing shots.  When shooting an outdoor session, I definitely love the shade, and freaked out a little when the whole place was covered in direct sunlight – but I went for it and am in love with the contrast!!

        Andraea’s story is incredible, and is a huge reason I love being a boudoir photographer:

        I won’t lie, when Steph said I should do a boudoir session with her I was shocked. I am this girl who is so shy until you get to know me, and hides behind her glasses, they’re my shield. Haha! What girl doesn’t want to “feel pretty.” I am one of those people who pick myself apart. I know, I know, I shouldn’t but it’s a bad habit I am trying to break. I was abused all of my childhood. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. From the age of 3-14 when I finally stood up for myself. I remind myself that they’re things that happened to me, not who I am! Taking these pictures was almost like a breakthrough for me, a new beginning. This is me now! When I seen the first picture I was shocked that it WAS me! Holy crap! Bombshell! Truly felt amazing & Steph is amazing at what she does, seriously!! I felt so comfortable and relaxed and loved every minute of it! Truly an amazing feeling of excitement! ♥️


        These are absolutely stunning. Her confidence shines through in these photos. So badass she is outdoors rocking herself!

        This is AMAZING. I love all the ideas that you come up with. I am SO looking forward to when I’m ready for mine

        That takes some serious guts. I could never do an outside one, but she did an awesome job. Tons of respect for you both!

        Absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of doing a session outside! Looks like so much fun!

        Omg this shoot is amazing. Absolutely love it and she rocked it

        I absolutely love this! Love the “grungieness”! This lady worked it! My boyfriend works in fields, how fun would a corn photo shoot be? Ha! Great work!

        Oh my gosh! These are stunning! I love the old auto shop!

        Shannon De La Cruz

        I absolutely love the setting of these photos. Her story is truly amazing!

        Wow. That is such an awesome story. I love when women are able to develop their own strength and stand up for themselves. It doesnt happen as often as it should in this life. You are gorgeous and Steph did such an amazing job capturing that! I love the uniqueness and originality of this session.

        I LOVE this! My boyfriend is a mechanic…hmmmm idea for later this year Steph? ????

        You are so talented – Such a great eye for what will make pictures awesome! Plus the inspiration and helping women feel amazing is awesome!

        Love this setting!! Nice shoot Stephanie!!