TO MENU

        YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  You may not believe me – you probably think I’m just telling you this to get you to book a boudoir session or “just because” that’s what I’m supposed to say.  But if you really KNOW me, you know I don’t have the ability to lie or fake anything I say or do.

        I GET IT!  You FEEL like you aren’t good enough, you aren’t pretty enough, you have cellulite, bags under your eyes, spider veins, stretch marks, saggy boobs, no boobs, a huge butt, no butt.  (Do you know how many women have cellulite?  I googled it – more than NINETY PERCENT!) You feel like you have resting bitch face so you could NEVER look sexy, you have wrinkles, you’re too old, you could never be photographed in lingerie….  the list goes on and on and on… doesn’t it??  I’ve heard it all…and I’ve felt it all.

        Have you scrolled through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest lately?  What do you see?  Perfection, right??  You’ve heard it so many times before: what people post on social media is not a true representation of their life.  In our eyes they have a perfect house, car, wardrobe, or body.  They also have perfect children and the most attractive significant other.  It’s all bullshit. Social media has turned into a place where everything posted must look perfect, and the worst part is that if it isn’t perfect, people won’t like it. 

        Hating something about yourself is a waste of time.  But really taking the time to change the negative things you say about yourself and turning them into positive affirmations – it truly changes you for the better.  Think about it: what purpose does hating something about yourself serve?

        It’s time to strip away the crap and focus on YOURSELF.  What makes you happy? Do that.  What doesn’t serve you – get rid of it!  Today is the day you start to love yourself because YOU ARE LOVABLE!  And you are worth loving.

        **Side note: these are pictures of me.  It was difficult to post them for the exact reasons I stated above, but screw it!  Life’s too short and I’ve never loved my life and body more!



        “It’s all bullshit!” I love your outlook on life! You love yourself and better yet, you build up all these amazing women by showing them how beautiful they really are through your photos and post! Your an amazing person!

        Thanks for sharing! It’s so important to not only build others up around us but also ourselves. Your photos are amazing. No shame in your game!!

        I absolutely love the body positivity that you preach daily! I’m so thankful to have your words as a reminder that every body is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel that. Thank you for all that you do and for bringing together such an amazing group of wonderful women!

        All of your picturea are gorgeous! There is so much body shaming and othere nonsense, we need more people like you. You help build women up. <3

        Your words are so powerful! The positive energy you bring to the room is amazing. Despite someone’s flaws and self consciousness YOU strive every time to make them feel comfortable in their own skin. The overwhelming amount of beauty that comes from the photos you capture proves to each one of us that doubt every ounce of our beauty, this is who WE are from someone else’s point of view! Thank you not only from myself but from every single woman you make feel sexy, and confident every single day!!!

        Stephanie, though you don’t know me personally, I have been following your page and pictures for a while now. This blog is exactly what I’ve been needed to hear. After gaining weight from having 2 kids and struggling to lose it, I’ve had little self confidence and you have given me hope again! I hope I can set up a session soon and see you work your magic! You are such an inspiration to me and others!

        Stephanie! I can’t tell you how lucky I am to know you! You are a bright light! I can’t wait to one day so a session with you! Your work is incredible and so are your words of encouragement and empowerment daily!

        Thank you Stephanie for all you do to empower woman and show them how beautiful they are. You are part of a small movement that has been needed for SO long! I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for all of us with your celebration of woman through your beautiful photography! I’m thankful my daughter has woman such as you to look up to as leaders!