TO MENU

        As soon as this bombshell walked in my door, she lit up our lives! (If you want to know why she says she’s a REAL accountant, comment below and I’m sure she’ll let you know!)
        Of course I was really nervous photographing her boudoir session since she had a less than great experience doing one in another state with someone else! But I can’t thank her enough for staying positive and trusting me to help her try again.  Ladies – don’t ever give up on your goals!!!!

        It has been so rewarding watching her and her partner get married and move to one of their favorite places on Earth. (Nope – not Iowa!!) hahaha

        Thank you SO MUCH for this review!  I know I’ll see you again and I CAN NOT WAIT. 🙂


        My name is Liz (DUH!) I am an accountant (like a real life one, not a coverup one) for an international yogurt company! I moved to Iowa in July of 2020, having been born and raised in Colorado – and living there well into my adult life. To say I was culture shocked is an understatement! It’s sooooooo cold and not sunny here.

        Anyways enough about me! Onto the real reason you are here. You want to know why I choose Stephanie – and why boudoir! Alright, grab your favorite beverage and buckle up … because it’s a long one – but worth it! I PROMISE!

        In August of 2010 I met a person and fell madly in love with them. They were everything I thought I needed and wanted in my life. We had the best time together. By September of 2014 we were married – because it was the next logical step on our relationship. In December of 2014 the abuse started, first it was emotional…. but it quickly became physical. I quit talking to my friends and family and shortly after that only left my house to go to work. My once bright spark had been ripped away by someone who vowed to love me and take care of me, for the rest of my life.

        In December of 2016 – I left that marriage and with it lost my home, and my friends (the only ones I had left were the ones who he brought into the relationship). I was broken and completely destroyed. I was a ball of depression and anxiety.

        In April of 2017 I met my now partner and began picking up the pieces of my broken and bruised self. I filed for divorce and began the long process of legally leaving a life of abuse. I spent the next several months getting my spark back and slowly coming out of my shell.

        In September of 2019 I had done a boudoir shoot with a friend after losing a ton of weight (yep! I was TOTALLY one of those girls!) and it was absolutely the worst experience of my whole life. She didn’t give me any suggestions for what I should wear- she posed me terribly and I looked and felt like a beached whale in every.single.photo. I agreed to purchase a package (she offered payment plans) and I never paid for those photos because I didn’t want them. I cried for days about it. I couldn’t believe that I actually was so vulnerable with someone and didn’t even feel my best. I had heard from so many people that boudoir shoots are a confidence booster – and so empowering – and my experience was far from that.

        In March of 2020 the pandemic hit (which y’all know!) and I packed on the Covid-19 LBS. In July of 2020 I moved to Iowa. In September I decided I had enough with my antics and so I started the #75hard (never heard of it?!?! Look it up… IT CHANGED my life). In December I completed the #75Hard. I was 30 LBS lighter and 18 inches smaller. I booked with Stephanie just before finishing the challenge. I had my session in February (after I gained back 15 of the 30 LBS I lost-insert eye roll here)…. And let me tell you. It was life changing. Stephanie put together a prep guide that walks you through how to prepare. I decided to take her suggestions for how I see my body type! And I was not disappointed. She listened to what I wanted from my session (my expectations were pretty low, I just wanted to have a better session than my first). She listened to my self consciousness about my stomach (shocking I know).  She posed me and I NEVER felt exposed the way I was the first time! I left my session feeling more confident than ever before (more confident than the day I filed for divorce and took my life back!) I came back to do my ordering session and I couldn’t believe how amazing my raw untouched photos looked. I couldn’t believe that woman was ME! I wanted to share them with everyone right then and there. But alas I had to wait for my order! I got digital images and the album (which by the way looks amazing on my coffee table- remember me wanting to show EVERYONE!).

        If you are thinking about doing a session- no matter what the reason is- DO IT! Do.it.for.you – don’t wait until you lose the weight or have that special person to share them with- because trust me you will show EVERYONE. If you need a confidence boost – or to see the badass woman you are – DO IT! If you want to pamper yourself – DO IT. You deserve to do this FOR YOU! Love yourself the way you are supposed to! Lift yourself up!

        Stephanie and her team are amazing at what they do! I recommend getting hair and makeup done at the studio – it was so much easier that way! Stephanie is great at calming your nerves or helping you tie your bow in the back! She is easy to talk with and it’s crazy how fast an hour goes! I seriously feel like I have known her FOREVER!

        I will be back, Stephanie – and more badass-er (is that even a word?!?! MEH it is now). You my friend should just do it! Take some time and show yourself the LOVE and appreciation you deserve because you are amazing, gorgeous, and stronger than you could ever imagine.


        Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photographer Iowa City Cedar Rapids Falls Quad Cities Studio Session 2021 L.W._0001.jpg
        Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photographer Iowa City Cedar Rapids Falls Quad Cities Studio Session 2021 L.W._0003.jpg
        Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photographer Iowa City Cedar Rapids Falls Quad Cities Studio Session 2021 L.W._0005.jpg
        Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photographer Iowa City Cedar Rapids Falls Quad Cities Studio Session 2021 L.W._0007.jpg
        Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photographer Iowa City Cedar Rapids Falls Quad Cities Studio Session 2021 L.W._0009.jpg


        Your pictures are amazing! Your strength and confidence shine through and I agree with your phrase “Just do it!”

        Thank you so much for sharing your journey and testimonial about Steph and her team! You are one of many reasons women look to others by sharing your story and vulnerability. You look absolutely amazing and I love the purple! Way to be Badass with the colors!

        I love, Love, LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing your story and those sexy photos! I often look at these boudoir shoots and think “I can’t wait to have a partner (or at the very least) a good reason to schedule a session.” But I think you’re right, there can be so much value in the experience and doing it for yourself. I may just have to sign myself up now.

        Absolutely love this ❤
        It is absolutely amazing how you help women Build-up their confidence again.
        Even if they are perfect in every way we all still need that confident booster.
        Thank you so much for everything you do don’t ever stop Changing lives♡

        I am loving the purple!! thanks for sharing your story!! 🙂 love those pics girl! you look amazing!! 🙂

        Thanks for sharing your story! It is really inspiring! 🙂 I had so much fun at my session that I already want to do another one!! 🙂 maybe here in the future I will!! Love those pics girl!

        Thank you so much for being willing to share your story. It is one I recognize. You are stunning and brave. It’s wonderful to hear of others who have come out the other side of things so strong.

        Wow, wow, wow! This story is so full of hope, and that emerald green couch was made for her! Such a beautiful set!

        Your pictures are stunning. You can see the confidence in them!

        Stephanie McClure

        She is absolute FIRE!! ????????????

        Courtney SyWassink

        You seem like such a beautiful soul inside and for sure out! I’m so glad you were able to get the strength to leave a life of abuse and even happier you were able to reward yourself with an experience that left you seeing yourself for the gorgeous person you are . Wishing you the best of life and utter happiness with your new special someone! Stay beautiful!

        YOU GO GIRL!! Divorce kills a part of you, but we rise from the ashes stronger!! Your photos are gorgeous!! I LOVE the leather jacket!! I’ll be adding that sexy piece to my next shoot. Peace and Love! Sunni

        Your story gets me a bit closer to being brave enough to make an appointment!

        That is so awesome and so true…don’t wait until you think you have everything perfect because that will never happen!! Plus you are perfect just the way you are and Stephanie is so fantastic at helping you to embrace it

        I’m not crying, you’re crying! Omg, I love her story. I don’t love the abuse endured, but I love the power she gained back. This raw vulnerability is so relatable. Thank you for sharing, for giving Stephanie a chance, and for being the badass woman you are! Love love love!

        Love seeing beautiful, real women. I can’t tell you how much self love your photography has taught me Steph! Thank you so much!! You’re such a talented photographer.

        Her story is so impowering! Way to claim you back! Every woman truly deserves to feel badass. I love her photos! She slayed and conquered!

        I absolutely love her story! How inspiring! The photos are gorgeous too!! Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous, happy and a badass!

        Wow these photos are ????????????
        I love your story and am glad you had a wonderful time with Stephanie. She is the best at making you feel like a badass ❤.

        That purple is amazing!