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        One of the toughest questions I get from potential clients is, “Do you photograph plus-size women?”.  And think about it: how fair would it be to point out every plus-sized woman whose photos I post?  It wouldn’t be, so I don’t.  But at the same time, it’s a compliment when you can’t tell what size a woman is in my photos.  Why? Because who cares what your size is???!!!!!  I felt a lot of pressure before photographing Tara for this reason.  She asked me this question, I tried answering it in the most fair way possible, but she was still apprehensive.  And as a curvy plus-sized woman, I didn’t blame her.  I was bound and determined to prove to her that she would love her photos.  And I think we worked together so well!!!
        Thank you so much for this review, Tara, and for you trusting me to photograph you even though I’m not good with words. <3


        As a plus size woman, I was hesitant initially to work with Stephanie. Going through her posts, I felt I’d be one of the very few larger women to do a session with her. A lot of the women just looked so “perfect” in their photos, I wondered if she’d know how to work with me. As a size 18/20 woman, I’ve always been confident with myself, but I really wanted to shine in these photos. I set my appointment up and drove an hour to get to her studio that day. The entire experience was a blast! As soon as you meet Stephanie, she makes you feel like an old friend. Her home is welcoming and the others I worked with that day for hair and makeup were just as lovely.

        Stephanie walks you through every pose and makes the photo shoot so uplifting and fun! When it was time to go through my photos and pick my favorites, my jaw hit the floor! These weren’t even edited! I LOVED THEM ALL! I looked freaking insanely gorgeous like I belonged in some sexy magazine! It was hard to narrow down to the ones we were going to use for the album. Stephanie is THE BEST at what she does! I will truly cherish these photos forever! I suggest not to hesitate or wait another moment to set up your appointment, no matter what size you are. She will give you the poses that work for you and truly make you shine! Thank you, Stephanie!!



        I absolutely LOVE these photos! Being a plus-size girl, I completely understand her appreciation- but she SLAYED it in these photos! Sexy, sultry, fun, and just DAMN hot! The tattoos look FABULOUS in these photos!

        I LOVE these photos!! She is gorgeous! I am also a curvy woman, and have hesitated on getting boudoir done as I’m so self conscious about my body and how to pictures would turn out!! But these are amazing!!

        These are absolutely amazing! The colors, the tub, all of it! Hard to believe she was anxious about these photos because she totally ROCKED it! ????

        I’m very excited to get pictures done later this year, but I’m self conscious about my body. I’m thrilled that Stephanie is good with working with curvy women????