TO MENU

        Opportunities like this don’t happen very often.  Being able to photograph an outdoor boudoir session instead of in the studio AND for the weather to be as perfect as it was – a great example of the planets and stars aligning to make magic.  Sarah is, without a doubt, one of the sweetest and most beautiful souls I’ve ever photographed.  (And I secretly died inside when I saw her hair *by Lavish* and fabulous tattoos!)


        These are gorgeous! I would love to do an outdoor session with you!

        Your photos are absolutely stunning ❤️

        I am so glad this worked out! The pictures are amazing and this lead me to do my outdoor boudoir shoot. WHICH WAS LIBERATING!

        LOVE the personality that comes through in these pictures! An outdoor session would be a ton of fun! Maybe for my next shoot??…

        Such a beautiful soul. I’m ecstatic to see her radiance and beauty captured in the photos.

        These photos are gorgeous. They make me strive to be bold and unapologetically myself! Sarah killed this shoot. I hope she knows how inspiring this is for others to see.

        Beautiful! I absolutely loved her hair and the sunglasses!! I can’t wait to book a session with you in the future!