TO MENU

        I’m SOOOOOOO excited to show photos of my 2nd anniversary party this weekend taken by my sweet friend Sarah Siler Photography (edited by me)!!  It’s so hard to believe that it’s been just a few years since I jumped into boudoir.
        HUGE shoutout to Chef Green & Co. for catering the fantastic food – check out their cooking classes!!!!!

        Almost 80 women in my VIP group joined us throughout this beautiful cold night!  We enjoyed yummy drinks (and the signature cocktail I made up… which turned out awesome!) and food.  I heard so much laughter that my heart almost burst!!

        If you aren’t in my VIP group, HERE are the details on that.

        Boudoir has not only changed the women who walk through my door, but the women I’ve photographed have changed me – in the best ways possible.  And because of this, I love to plan this party each year to welcome these women in to see my studio (if they haven’t already) and spoil them with some fun prizes!!!

        This year I gave away THREE session fees along with Lindsey Michelle Makeup Artist, Michelle Theisen-Konrardy at Meraki and Rhiannon Bree at Lavish Beauty.  And we’re SO excited about it because that’s 3 more women we get to meet and help love themselves!!!

        Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart and soul for being a part of this awesome ride.  I can’t WAIT to see what 2019 brings!




        Congratulations ????

        Two years of making women feel amazing!!! Within 2 minutes of meeting you, I instantly felt empowered! Congrats to you and I know you will have many more years of success!! You are simply amazing ❤️

        This looked like such a good time!!

        This was so fun, thank you for having me!!

        Congratulations!!!!! I absolutely love your work!!!!! Excited to see what your future adventures bring!!!!❤️

        This looks like so much fun! I wish I’d been able to make it.
        I love seeing pictures of you, because you’re usually the one behind the camera! You are so fun&make everyone feel so great about themselves. Congratulations on two years! Many, many more to come!

        I’m so sorry I missed this party! I absolutely love your work and I promise I WILL BE a future client. I just need to get part of my life in order.

        I’m seriously SO proud of what you have accomplished and how amazing you are! You are an inspiration to me and so many other women! Thank YOU for being amazing and making sure every woman feels that way! <3

        Congrats on your 2nd year!! ????

        Congrats on year number 2!! That is amazing!