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        I’ll never forget the day Libby walked through my door.  Her upbeat and positive personality really made the whole session so enjoyable.  I could tell she had thoroughly reviewed my boudoir prep guide, because she showed up 100% prepared for her session (I can always tell when someone doesn’t review the prep guide).  But what I was most excited about was the lingerie she brought and the fact that she hired my hair and makeup team.  Her look was tasteful, she took the time to decide what she was comfortable in, it coordinated really well with my studio, and she had unique pieces she found in Australia (JEALOUS!) that were the BOMB DOT COM.  <<<  Is that a thing anymore??

        I know it takes so much more time for my clients to write these and I’m grateful they love their experience enough to share!!!
        Libby – thanks so much for this. I can’t WAIT to work with you again!!

        Hair: Michelle Theisen-Konrardy at Meraki 2
        Makeup: Lindsey Michelle: Makeup Artist


        When a friend invited me to this FB Boudoir group with no warning, I was like “What is going on?! Why do I have these beautiful, half naked women in my Facebook feed?? Wait, that’s my friend……..WHOA!”
        I had no idea this was even a thing. As I scrolled through Stephanie’s group, it was clear she genuinely cared about the people she was shooting and this was not just about displaying her work! She wanted everyone to feel important, involved and she was so fun, uplifting and positive. I had to stay!
        I have been single for almost 4 years and I had nobody to do this for, so I was having a hard time justifying the “why”. Eventually my “why” turned into doing this just for me. To be able to see myself through other people’s eyes. My own eyes had become so judgmental about certain parts of my body. When I looked in the mirror, I stopped seeing what I should see and only focused on where I should lose the weight.
        After I booked my session, my outlook immediately started to change. I checked out every website Stephanie recommended and I was finding shopping for lingerie to be so fun! It was really a boost in confidence. I stopped focusing on the flaws I saw and more on how the piece of lingerie made me feel. Bonus, I hated the gym a little less too!
        With the countdown quickly reaching less than 2 weeks, we jetted off to Australia. We enjoyed the local food, with caution, but I didn’t feel the need to exercise. However, I was meticulous about trying to keep my face clean to minimize breakouts. We came back on Friday and my session was 4 days later! I spent my weekend finalizing my outfits, (Thank you friends for your input!) and getting my nails and eyebrows done. I decided on a soft pink bra & panty, a suede green/black lace bra & panty and my absolute favorite….. a black body suit from Australia!
        Finally the day came. First up was hair with Michelle Theisen-Konrardy. I absolutely loved how my hair turned out! Then, I headed over to the Studio to meet Lindsey for Makeup and Stephanie.
        Stephanie greeted me with the warmest hug I have ever had from someone I didn’t know! If there were ever an award for hugs, she would win it! Then there is Lindsey Michelle, who is a master with makeup! When she finished, she handed me the mirror and I almost cried. I couldn’t believe that it was me that I was seeing! The whole time we were all chatting and I felt like I was visiting with friends. A lot of the nervousness I was feeling just washed away.
        Then, it was time for the studio. I picked out the order of my outfits, and Stephanie explained what to expect. She got into the details…… which, I may have thought she was a little crazy when she was telling me how to relax my jaw, breathe, and move my hands! Seriously, I was thinking I must look silly right now! Lol, oh crap I think I did that wrong! Then, she showed me the first picture and I was like “ohhh, that is so sexy! She is brilliant!” I relaxed even more and the session flew by so quickly! The sneak peaks were incredible!
        I left there feeling so special, confident, and gorgeous! Thank you ladies!
        When it was time to see my images and pick the ones I wanted for my album, it was much harder than I anticipated. Thankfully, Stephanie was right there to help me make the decisions and create such a perfect album that I will always cherish!
        I absolutely loved the experience! It was better than any feeling a shopping spree has ever given me and worth every penny! Anytime I start getting self-conscious, I go back to the album and remember that day and how I felt! What’s even better, is that I have the images to prove to myself that what I am seeing is not what others see.
        ♥️ Libby


        Beautiful work done by s beautiful woman. Well done again, love!

        These pictures are absolutely stunning! The confidence that this gorgeous honey displays is so sexy! Keep it up girl! You rocked every damn shot!