TO MENU

        It’s crazy to think that just about 3 years ago I was photographing my friend Candace- and my FIRST boudoir session.  I’ll never forget how I felt; it was terrifying.  Photographing boudoir at that time made me feel odd… vulnerable, scared, and shy.  I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t like that feeling at all.  I remember my friend Amy saying, “you could totally shoot boudoir!” and I replied with a quick, “HELL NO”.
        I’m so happy Amy instilled some confidence in me and told me I could do it. It wasn’t until almost 2 years later that I dove in to boudoir, and I’m so happy I did.  I LOVE helping women feel like they’re complete badasses and help instill confidence in them.  <3


        I love how casual this is…like she is just enjoying a morning at home. Comfortable and relaxed! And she is stunningly beautiful!!

        I absolutely love the bathroom/tub pictures with all of the pretty detail from that bathroom. She is beautiful!!