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        Chantry is one of those women you meet and immediately feel like you’re best friends.  Her personality and beauty are freaking amazing!  I remember when we were photographing her session in the studio I asked if she had approved me posting these (I was so giddy about her photos!) and she responded with, “HELL YES!!!  I want everyone to see that a girl with thighs and a butt can do this!!!”.  Well, friends, she is the reason I do what I do.  As a “big” girl myself, I only wish more women would get in front of my camera and rock it!!!  Read Chantry’s story – then comment with what’s holding you back from booking your own boudoir session!!!  Makeup: Lindsey Faber: MUA


        I’m not completely sure how I became a member of Stephanie’s VIP group but I instantly fell in love with it. Everything that was posted was so empowering and positive. On top of it, there were all of these beautiful women that she photographed and I was in awe every time I saw a new photo. But the best part was, I saw women like me. I have never viewed myself as a sexy person. I’m not a super skinny girl, I’ve always had a big butt and thighs. I never felt like I fit the standard for the “beautiful” girls but the more that I saw these normal women, the more I thought this was something I could do too. I ended up scheduling a session with Stephanie because I wanted to create a fun gift for my husband. I can honestly say I almost backed out at least 3 times. I kept doubting myself and thought that I would never look anything like the other women.
        On the day of my session, I got to Stephanie’s a little early. I was sweating bullets. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I rang her doorbell and she came to the door greeted me with a huge smile and an even bigger hug, and I was immediately at ease. Stephanie is the most relaxed, fun, and loving person. Goodness just exudes from her and you totally feel it when you’re in her presence. Lindsey Faber came and did my make up at Stephanie’s house and being with both of them was like hanging out with your girlfriends. Lindsey is completely awesome. My make up was gorgeous. I was in complete shock because I had never seen myself so glammed up before.
        When it came time for my session, Stephanie and I went down to her studio. She helped me pick out my first outfit to wear and when I came out of the dressing room we immediately started shooting. She took the first photograph and all of the tension and doubt I had about anything to do with the session was gone. I felt freaking HOT and I totally owned my hotness. Stephanie coached me through every move, every breath, every look and it made me feel so much more confident. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward. It was such an empowering experience. By the end when she asked me if I wanted to take some naked shots, I was like, heck yea! Let’s do this!! 🙂
        I left my session feeling every bit as gorgeous as I did in my session. Every communication with Stephanie afterward has been awesome. She has been so helpful with everything and my husband was completely speechless when he got his gift. This whole idea may have started out as a gift for him but ended up being more of a gift for me. If I have a day that I am doubting anything about myself I look at those pictures and remind myself what a badass I am. I would, without a doubt, do another boudoir shoot and I cannot rave enough about the whole experience. Hopefully, I can talk my husband into doing it with me next time!




        This is so sexy!! Your outfits are gorgeous, as are you! You look so fierce and confident!! I love this!

        These are some of my FAVORITE photos of yours! I have looked through them multiple times. Such a flawless woman and the beauty you captured is absolutely incredible! THIS is the photo shoot that inspired me to finally make the jump and get in for a session! I can’t wait!

        Beautiful! I love her confidence and only wish I had that! I do want to try this SOMEDAY, but she helps motivate me to have that someday to be sooner!

        I love this! She’s so beautiful and confident. This inspires me to want to give it a try some day.

        Lol I’ve already commented on this one awhile back but it’s seriously one of my FAVES! You just ooze confidence and I absolutely love that Steph photographs all types and no matter what the ladies always look beyond stunning!

        What an amazing shoot! She looks gorgeous in every one of those photos!

        I am also part of the not skinny girl club. Seeing these pictures and reading about her experience makes me believe thatI could rock one of these shoots too.

        I wholeheartedly agree that Chantry ROCKED her session. Labels be damned she’s just a beautiful lady(as are you Steph) I myself have considered attempting boudoir pictures as a gift for my husband (and maybe a little secretly for myself) However, I’m a mama of 3-2 being a set of 5 month old boy/girl twins. Even if I happen to find the spare time between everyone’s hectic schedules- my husband and I both work,finding a sitter,etc. I have a hard time allowing myself such a “splurge” when I know money is tight right now(diapers and formula for twins is no joke!) And the money could be put toward other things(refer to the latter lol)Maybe someday I’ll make it happen but for now I’ll just continue to be everyone’s cheerleader from the sidelines. I’ve never met you but you seem like an amazing person Steph and your talent amazes me(I too love photography-its my dream job!!-another ~someday~) Keep up the gorgeousness ladies. I hope to see more of the ladies in the group make use of a wonderful opportunity!

        First;What a amazing photo shoot!

        My story is so identical to Chantry’s that’s it’s not even funny. I’m a large girl, I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. I never knew how I ended up on your Facebook page, and I love being there. It’s so empowering!!

        I have been wanting to do a shoot myself, but then never do it; maybe I’ll wait until I lose 20 more pounds, what would I even wear, would my fiancé even like something like this, and so on.

        You do amazing work!