TO MENU

        It’s so important to me that my clients enjoy their boudoir experience so much that they tell their friends about it.  So when Megan was added to my VIP group by a previous client, I was thrilled.
        Megan was an active member of the group in the best way – always so sweet and encouraging when I would post photos.  When she won a random drawing for a free session fee, I was really excited to meet her!
        99.9% of my clients show up and are pretty nervous.  Mostly because the unknown is scary – but that’s why I try to prepare them ahead of time and make sure they’re in my VIP group!  They have an idea who I am and they see all my fun tips about the whole process.  Megan took all of my wardrobe ideas to heart and when she showed me what she brought I was so happy.  She’s casual and laid back like me and her style is so effortless and beautiful!  WOOHOO!!
        We really had the best time.  But the most memorable part of the experience for me was when she came to look at her images.  She started crying when she saw her photos and I was so shocked I had to ask if they were good or bad tears.  She said they were good tears and that she was so nervous before seeing her photos that she couldn’t speak to anyone all day.  For the first time in a long time she saw herself as she should see herself – absolutely beautiful!!!
        Megan, thank you so much for allowing me to help you see how truly stunning you are and for writing this review of your experience!!!

        Makeup: Lindsey Faber
        Hair: Michelle @ Merakai


        I first heard about Stephanie’s Boudoir VIP group through my best friend. She spoke very highly of Stephanie and her overall experience with her own photo shoot. I was also fortunate enough to see some of my friends photos and was impressed. They were all so amazing.

        Once I was added to the VIP group it seemed easy to stay involved in the group. Stephanie does an amazing job with engaging with members in group. I was constantly finding myself getting pulled back in as I was intrigued. She gives back so much to women and I felt so much love and support from the group. I was jumping for joy when I won a free session fee.  I had hundreds of thoughts running through my mind, so many questions. I felt excited and scared at the same time. I found myself looking through all of Stephanie photos, asking myself how could I ever look as good as the women she photographed. Thinking, OMG maybe I should back out now. I’m out of my league. Stephanie and I spoke on the phone to schedule the session.  She was amazing with explaining information and really just answering questions before I even needed to ask them. It’s like she could read my mind with knowing how nervous I was.

        Okay, so no turning back now. The session is booked and I need to start preparing. What to wear, this was the hardest part for me. No joke, I went to 5 different stores and probably 10 different online websites trying to find the right outfits. I was not having much success. I didn’t feel good in anything I tried on. It was even worse when the Victoria Secret sales clerk  kept bring in bra to push on me to buy. My skin hurt from trying to many things on. I finally walked out feeling defeated. Later that week I went to my closet and pulled out my favorite sweater and just knew this was something I wanted to wear. Cozy, comfortable but still sexy. Then I choose a couple other random lingerie items. Nothing I was really happy with.

        So the day of the photo shoot started off early. I had my hair appointment with Michelle at Lavish salon. Luckily she had done a photo shoot with Stephanie before. She answered any and all questions I had. It was so nice to get great feedback from someone else that had done the shoot before. By the way, I would totally recommend Michelle. She was amazing with scheduling abound my needs, she moved quick and my hair looked great. I headed out to my appointment feeling good, but still nervous about what’s to come. Once i arrived to Stephanie’s studio I got to meet Lindsey, who did my make up and Stephanie, who greeted me with a big hug. Still not feeling confident with my outfit choices I automatically asked for help. I dumped my large bag out and showed them all the different items. It was like my own dream team coming in to save me by taking over, washing all my concerns away. They pulled the sweater and a black outfit out. My third outfit was picked from Stephanie’s closet. OMG I want everything in that closet. She has such beautiful pieces. Totally recommend it. Lindsey was great. Loved having different conversations with her. She is totally down to earth and so sweet. She is a must go to for makeup. I felt so beautiful when I looked on the mirror. I felt ready to go!

        I walked into the studio and began to admire everything. I was one of the first couple of women that got to shoot in the new set up after she changed the studio around, which I was really excited about. Stephanie had music going and the Temperature was great.  She showed me the outfits she had picked out from her client closet and I was able to choose which one I liked. It was weird, I stepped out of the changing area and back into the studio and I was no longer nervous. Every little worry I had was gone. Stephanie truly knows her stuff. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward. If I couldn’t figure out what to do with my face or body then she coached and guided me. She showed me the camera a couple of times and I was in disbelief with how well they were turning out, which just continued to give me more confidence throughout the shoot. Overall, the experience was so much fun. I found myself wanting the photos right then. I wanted to show them off so bad! Man, what a high. I loved that Stephanie shared a photo on her site right away. It just made me feel even more better about the day.

        When I was reviewing my photos I was holding back tears. I turned to Stephanie and begin to talk but then started to ugly cry.  Its so hard to look at yourself and not judge or pick yourself apart. I do this on a weekly basis. I’m not thin, I have rolls where I don’t want them and I know I want to make improvements with my body. Of course there were some photos I didn’t feel I looked good in but the ugly cry was a direct result from disbelief that I had so many more photos that I was obsessed with and was stunned with the fact that those amazing photos were pictures of me. I honestly thought I would only have a hand full of photos I would have liked. I ended up choosing 50 different images. It was hard to decide which ones to choose since I loved so many of them. Again, I just wanted to take them right then and there so I could show them all off. Today I received my photo album in the mail. It’s truly amazing. I wouldn’t change anything about it.

        Stephanie you truly have a gift. Thank you for your dedication. I truly believe that you make women feel worthy, how we should feel on a daily basis. Thank you for being you!


        This! This is so me in so many ways! So glad to know Stephanie is such a great person to work with whether you’ve done this type of shoot before or not! I will definitely be saving up for my own shoot!!

        I love the simplicity of this shoot. Its natural, cozy, fun, and sexy!!!

        I love her bigcomfy sweater!! It’s hot! Plus, that black bodysuit is AMAZING!!!❤️❤️❤️

        I LOVE that this emanates “just rolled out of bed and feeling sexy” vibe! It’s how we all feel in the morning…until we see we’ve apparently been to a rave in our dreams,lol!
        But seriously, this is absolutely gorgeous.