TO MENU

        I was so excited to meet Ms.S, as I know some of her family members and they’re all so fun and fabulous.
        She’s the firecracker in the room.  I don’t often meet women whose personalities are so much like mine, and meeting her was a breath
        of fresh air!!!  One of the most important parts of your boudoir photography experience is being able to communicate and get along with your
        photographer. We could have talked for HOURS and HOURS.  It was so much fun.
        The best detail of her session is that she ONLY wanted skin smoothing, no other editing or retouching of her images.
        When clients ask me not to do much editing, my heart is so happy.  I truly believe that natural is beautiful!!  And it shows in her images. 🙂

        Thank you SO much to this beautiful woman for writing this incredible review and for traveling all the way to Iowa City!!
        I’m so thankful for you and can’t wait to work together again this October!

        (Check out her natural to bombshell photos)
        Michelle Theisen-Konrardy with Meraki and Lindsey with Lindsey Michelle Makeup Artist
        SLAYED her look!


        I’ve wanted to have a boudoir photo shoot for years, BUT I have always been VERY
        self-conscious when it comes to my body – I could find every flaw – I am a plus-size gal
        with belly rolls, thick arms and thighs, cellulite, and scars – you name it, I could find it.
        Over the years, I researched different photographers but could never find what I was
        looking for – a photographer who worked with REAL women and provided a classy,
        natural, and most importantly FUN environment! I live in a suburb of Minneapolis,
        Minnesota, and I could not find anyone that felt ‘right’ (and there were a ton to

        Then, out of the blue, I was referred to Stephanie by a family member who said she
        would be a perfect match to what I was looking for. So, I sent an email to set up a
        phone conference with Stephanie to discuss the process. Stephanie was wonderful;
        she explained her process, provided pricing information, and what was expected of me
        during a session. Even without meeting her in person, I knew she was the gal for me!
        My date was set…..and then the nerves set in….. WHAT WAS I THINKING??
        Now, what am I going to wear? I searched and searched online and finally found Hips
        and Curves – an online store. I found the most beautiful bras, undies (I hate the word
        ‘panties’), and a deep v-neck sleep shirt. FYI – their sizing charts are SPOT ON! I highly
        recommend you check them out!

        As my session grew closer and closer (I booked far in advance), I was definitely more
        nervous, and yes, I considered cancelling many times, but I owed it to myself to follow
        through on something I have wanted to do for year PLUS I wanted to meet Stephanie in
        person! If I didn’t like the photos, I could hide them and not show anyone!
        My session day finally arrived……I was greeted at the door with a BIG smile and even
        BIGGER hug – I instantly felt comfortable!

        When Lindsey Faber of Lindsey Michelle Makeup Artist finished my makeup – false
        eyelashes included – I felt like a movie star.
        Stephanie and I looked over the ‘outfits’ I had with me (I brought six), and she took her
        time and made suggestions as to which would photograph well and would look cohesive
        in my photo album. Once chosen, it was time to change into my first look…..no turning
        back now.

        Only wearing my royal blue bra and undies, I stepped out of the bathroom with serious
        butterflies in my stomach – BUT, to be HONEST, Stephanie was so relaxed, talking me
        through the process, and playing fun and upbeat music (yes, she was singing along), I
        instantly felt at ease. She showed me, not just told me, how to pose and more
        importantly how to breathe. At the first click of the camera’s shutter, I felt really good, I
        mean REALLY good. Stephanie encouraged me the entire time and told me how
        fabulous I was doing and how beautiful I looked. She even showed me a few of the
        photos on her camera – WOW, I looked AWESOME!! My confidence grew with each
        photo she took and with each outfit change. At last, the time came for her to ask if I
        wanted to do a nude pose; at that point I felt so unbelievably good and was having so
        much fun I said ‘YES.’ So, with only my cowboy boots on, I posed for the last few shotsof my session.

        WHAT, it’s over already? The time went by so quickly but in that
        session my life changed! The way I look at myself … the way I feel about myself … my
        new-found confidence … Stephanie gave me my life back.

        If you WANT to book a boudoir session with Stephanie BUT you are hesitant because
        YOU do not feel good about yourself, it is okay to feel that way – we are only human!
        Please do me a favor and lean into that fear and push through it because great things
        do not come from comfort zones. You will NOT be sorry – that is a PROMISE!

        Since I drove over five hours for my photo shoot, Stephanie had me review and pick my
        photos right after my session. All I can say is WOW! It was hard to pick my favorites
        (she took over 400) – I kept increasing the number of photos for my photo album. I had
        one request for Stephanie when it came to editing my photos – I wanted to stay true to
        myself! I asked that she only smooth my skin – no removing rolls, scars or cellulite and
        no ‘shrinking’ of my arms, thighs, or belly. I was SO excited when I received my photo
        album and canvas in the mail; they were PERFECT. She listened to me and what I
        wanted! Stephanie is a wonderful photographer and everyday she empowers women
        and teaches us to LOVE OURSELVES AS WAY WE ARE!!!

        By the way, I have another session booked to help me celebrate my 50th birthday! Yes,
        Stephanie, I am bringing CAKE and CHAMPAGNE!
        Stephanie, you are an inspiration! Keep doing what you do!



        Stunning! Women of any old are gorgeous, but older women who are confident and proud of themselves are absolutely amazingly beautiful!!!

        Her story is so inspiring! She is absolutely stunning in every way!!

        I so understand where S is coming from I felt the same way before and mine. She looks absolutely fabulous in hers and I hope that for her 50th it is just as good the champagne and cake have me intrigued on what the pictures would be like.

        Not only is this written so eloquently, S is a complete bombshell. I am so happy she was able to relax and let Stephanie do the amazing work she always does. I can’t wait to see the next shoot!! Cake & champagne babyyy!!

        Gorgeous! I want to do this so badly!

        This is amazing. I am Super nervous about looking more into boudoir shoots and this makes me want to get on it. She is beautiful and Stephanie sounds amazing.

        Honestly this is how I would feel going into this situation. I have done lots of thinking about it, as I see new pictures all the time. I always think these ladies are gorgeous and the pictures are perfect.

        Absolutely stunning!!! Each individual one shows such beauty and strength! I’m in absolute awe!!

        She is so gorgeous!! Her confidence definitely shines through in these photos. I loved reading her story, made me a bit less hesitant about booking a session. Absolutely lovely.

        what an absolute bad ass. her confidence is inspiring. absolutely beautiful pictures!

        Reading her story above made me smile & her’s says it all!! She felt amazing!

        Very sexy and smoking hot! ????❤ Love her courage and self confidence!

        Wow! She looks so happy and confident. I love the color pop of her tattoos and the off the shoulder sleeve look.

        Love her quote too, “Please do me a favor and lean into that fear and push through it because great things
        do not come from comfort zones.” Amen sister!!

        I can’t wait to see her birthday shoot!