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        This was the second time I worked with Cassie – she booked this boudoir session after being a part of my promo video last year in the studio!  This beautiful woman is absolutely natural in front of the camera.  I’m in love with her fire red hair and her wardrobe. (Although I admit I’m not usually a fan of red lingerie!)
        My favorite part of the session was incorporating whiskey – which is VERY Cassie.
        Thanks so much to this babe for writing this review.  <3


        Three words popped into my head when viewing my photos, “That’s not me!” There’s no way that sexy, confident, firey lady in those photos could possibly be me! I cannot believe how FIERCE they turned out to be, but I never expected anything less from Stephanie.
        This is the 2nd time I have been to her studio so I already knew who she was and how safe of an environment her studio is- but each time was the same in that it felt like meeting up with an old friend. She immediately becomes your best friend, sister, therapist, and number one fan all within the first minute of meeting each other. If you don’t have confidence when walking into her door I PROMISE you will have buckets of it when you leave. Her positivity and words of love and encouragement stay with you. You can’t retouch or photoshop confidence onto people and in my pictures what you’re seeing is confidence that she helped bring out in me. Every woman deserves to feel empowered, confident, beautiful, sexy, and fierce on her own terms. I knew I deserved this for myself when I booked it, and I know you deserve it too.


        That deep plunge body suit has me SWOONING!!! This session is total perfection. The color of her hair and the lighting you captured is AMAZING!!

        Shannon De La Cruz

        I absolutely love the photos of both of her sessions! Their are classy and she just beams with confidence! The red hair it just amazing on her!

        I love that you can see her confidence through the photos. She is absolutely stunning with that red hair. Steph you are fantastic at making all women look and feel beautiful!

        Gorgeous! Love your red hair!

        Absolutely stunning!

        Seriously,I can’t get over that gorgeous red hair!! You absolutely rocked your session girl!!

        These pictures are simply stunning and so is this woman! It’s so wonderful that these women feel so at ease and confident during the shoot because it really shows through in the end result. I can’t wait to do it myself!!

        You are absolutely stunning! I love your hair and the way it complements your body! And that black outfit is stunning! You definitely show your confidence in these photos!

        You are stunning! I love the red hair! Great work Stephanie!!

        Cassie you are stunning!!!! Everyone of your pictures screams confidence!!! I just had my 4th baby in July and cannot wait to feel comfortable enough in my skin to get this done. I love seeing your work Stephanie!!!!