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        Outdoor Boudoir Outdoor Boudoir

        Andraea part 1 | Outdoor Auto Shop Session | Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        March 7, 2018 I was on my way to the Bare Boudoir Retreat and saw this amazing old school auto shop on the road and I immediately knew I had to shoot there.  Then a few hours later I met Andraea.  You know those ti...
        Studio Boudoir Studio Boudoir

        Madison | Whimsical Bohemian Session || Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        March 6, 2018 I counted about 40 sessions I'm able to blog from the last year, but I'm so excited to show you this session from this weekend!!  After dreaming of this setup for quite a while and setting a goal for ...
        Boudoir Boudoir

        Tattoos and Blue hair | Outdoor Boudoir Session | Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        March 2, 2018 Opportunities like this don’t happen very often.  Being able to photograph an outdoor boudoir session instead of in the studio AND for the weather to be as perfect as it was – a great example of the p...
        Boudoir Boudoir

        Sarah | Studio Boudoir Session || Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        February 20, 2018 A little throwback to a year ago! Every woman who comes into my studio for a boudoir session is GORGEOUS.  This woman right here is stunning inside and out – we had a blast shooting and her outfit ch...
        St. John's Florida Stephanie Marie Boudoir Photography. Black and White Boudoir portrait of woman laying in bed with hands on chest. In-home Boudoir In-home Boudoir

        NSFW – Aliah in Amsterdam || Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        February 15, 2018 Boudoir is about body confidence and showing off your feminine and sexy side (whether you think you’ve got it or not).  There is a fine line between trashy boudoir and tasteful boudoir.  I wholehearte...
        In-home Boudoir In-home Boudoir

        Rachel S || Parisian Flat Session | Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        February 11, 2018 Here's a little throwback to the FIRST time I photographed boudoir (in 2015)!  I had so much fun photographing my friend Rachel’s boudoir session in our Parisian flat.  Paris was the perfect place to ...
        Outdoor Boudoir Outdoor Boudoir

        Hammock + Sunshine Boudoir Session | Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        February 9, 2018 I can't WAIT for everything to be green again!!! It reminds me of one of my most fun outdoor boudoir sessions – a hammock, and sunshine are all we needed to make magic!  Winter is a huge advocate for ...
        Studio Boudoir Studio Boudoir

        Amber | Studio Boudoir session || Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        February 9, 2018
        Outdoor Boudoir Outdoor Boudoir

        Candace Outdoors in Ireland | Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        December 31, 2017 HELLOOOOO HOTTIE!  I can’t believe I have photographed Candice in two European countries now – France and Ireland!  This session was shot in our Irish mansion and outdoors.  She is so stunning and swe...
        In-home Boudoir In-home Boudoir

        Alyssa | Cozy In-Home Session || Iowa City Boudoir Photographer

        October 14, 2017 I love it when clients invite me into their home to photograph them in their familiar and meaningful surroundings.  Cozy in-home sessions are becoming increasingly popular for more of a “lifestyle” ...


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